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    The Accu-Serve Team is here to assist you Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM by email, phone, and on-site appointments at our "NEW WAY OF LIFE” offices.

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    • Court Filing Services

      Professional Paralegal Services for Any Budget Most law firms are too busy to file or prepare every document necessary for their cases. Many will hire a full or part time paralegal to handle day-to-day tasks to free up their time for court appearances or client meetings. While paralegals can be very helpful, adding employees can... Read More

    • Legal Advertising

      100% Accuracy In All Legal Advertising and Publications Publishing a legal notice or advertisement can be complicated. Any mistake in listing a foreclosure sale can easily invalidate the whole process; something as simple as listing too early or improperly giving notice of sale can be attacked by defending lawyers in court. We handle all aspects... Read More

    • Service of Process - Foreclosure

      The Best Process Servers Work for Us We only hire the most qualified process servers, paralegals and legal clerks to ensure complete accuracy at every step of the process. All of our servers have gone through substantial background checks to exceed both the DCA and our strict corporate standards. Our national network of servers specializing... Read More

    • Skip Tracing

      Stop Losing Cases Due to Missing and Runaway Defendants Finding a missing person can be difficult and frustrating, especially when they don’t want to be found. Skip tracing agencies and programs can help, but all too often plaintiffs are left with a list of names and possible addresses or outdated information. We go beyond the... Read More

    • Matrimonial Service of Process

      Reduce Conflict in Divorce Proceedings Matrimonial legal proceedings are difficult for all parties due to the amount of personal interest and emotion involved. It is impossible for the plaintiff or defendant to be completely unbiased and often, it is ill-advised for them to speak to each other during the proceedings without counsel present as it... Read More

    • Litigated Matters

      Don’t Let Process of Service Complicate Your Litigation Litigation can be very expensive, labor intensive and time consuming for all parties involved. Losing a case in a traverse hearing to improper service of process after hours of litigation can only make it more frustrating. With Accu-Serve, you never have to worry about losing a traverse... Read More

    • Service of Process Collections

      How long have you been owed money? The smallest inaccuracies in service of process can jeopardize the outcome of your traverse hearings. Any mistake the process server makes – from improper due diligence to poor documentation of attempts – can be attacked by the defending lawyer as a failure in due process. By going beyond... Read More

    • Family Court Matters

      Stop Losing Cases to Errors in Due Diligence Any small error in process of service can threaten the outcome of your case in a traverse hearing. By attacking service of process, a defending lawyer can take a single mistake and prove their client’s due process has been violated. At Accu-Serve, we strive to eliminate the... Read More

    • Landlord and Tenant Matters

      Take the Risk Out of Landlord and Tenant Cases The serving process in landlord and tenant matters is complex and any small mistake can threaten the outcome of your case. If a defending lawyer attacks service of process in a traverse hearing, your entire case can be thrown out or delayed. During this time your... Read More