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    Service of Process Collections

    How long have you been owed money?

    The smallest inaccuracies in service of process can jeopardize the outcome of your traverse hearings. Any mistake the process server makes – from improper due diligence to poor documentation of attempts – can be attacked by the defending lawyer as a failure in due process. By going beyond DCA standards in our hiring and monitoring practices, we aim to eliminate the risk of losing traverse hearings due to service of process errors.

    Never Lose a Case to Improper Process Serving Again

    We strive for complete accuracy at every step in the service of process. Our strict corporate guidelines meet and often exceed the DCA’s high standards to give us an unmatched success rate in traverse hearings. Every process server we hire is thoroughly vetted and given a complete background check. We monitor each attempt at service thoroughly with GPS tracking and photographic evidence of all attempts to avoid unnecessary conflict in your hearing.

    Unparalleled Success and Accuracy in Process Serving

    We have built a national network of the best local process servers in each area. While we specialize in fast local service, we have built a reliable national network of servers and agencies as well as international service networks through the HAGUE convention. No matter what neighborhood, county or borough they reside in – we can find and serve your defendant. Even if you are unable to locate them, we have a team of ex-law enforcement skip tracing professionals to track them down anywhere in the world. Most services can be attempted within 24 hours of receipt with same day RUSH service available.

    When you’re ready to get serious about service of process, call Accu-Serve for complete accuracy in due process.